Tailor made road trips, chauffeured private hire, customized transportation arrangements

Do you plan to travel in Europe by a car or a minivan? Are you thinking about a day trip or multiple day road trip across Europe? Are you afraid to drive on unknown roads or do you just simply want to save the hassle of spending most of your holiday behind a steering wheel?

Save yourself trouble with renting of a car, where you always have to think about traffic rules, parking spots and returning the car to its original country and hire a car with the driver. Our private chauffeured driven Mercedes Benz cars and minivans are on your disposal for day trips as well as multiple day journeys across European countries. The driver and vehicle will meet you at the desired pick up point and will be available for your party during the whole journey. 

We specialize in provision of the customized transportation services across following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland. Trips that take more than 3 days are available in Scandinavia, Spain and even Baltic states.

Cars & minivans
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  • Mercedes Benz Vito
  • Mercedes Benz E class wagons
  • Mercedes Benz E class sedans


  • speak English
  • experienced professionals 
  • kind, friendly travel companions
  • help with luggage (in/out)

Pricing & availability

  • all rates are subject of bargain and final itinerary
  • tailor made tours have to be booked with at least 72 hours notice

Private hire in Prague and the Czech Republic

within Prague city
Mercedes Benz VITO / 26€ / hour and 0.50€ / Km
Mercedes Benz E class / 28€ / hour and 0.55€ / Km
Mercedes Benz VIANO / 33€ / hour and 0.65€ / Km

There is a 30 km distance limit included in every hour. Extra kilometer fees are show in the above chart along with the hourly service rates.

out of Prague, day trips, weddings, sightseeing trips, tour has to start and end in Prague

Mercedes Benz VITO Mercedes Benz E class Mercedes Benz VIANO
165€ / 4 hours  195€ / 4 hours 225€ / 4 hours
245€ / 8 hours  275€ / 8 hours 305€ / 8 hours
300€ / 10 hours 330€ / 10 hours 360€ / 10 hours 




Pricing level 1

within listed countries, minimum 2 days hire: Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia

Mercedes Benz VITO Mercedes Benz E class Mercedes Benz Viano
370€ / 8 hours a day 410€ / 8 hours a day 440€ / 8 hours a day

400€ / 10 hours a day

440€ / 10 hours a day 480€ / 10 hours a day

430€ / 12 hours a day

470€ / 12 hours a day 510€ / 12 hours a day





Pricing level 2

within listed countries, minimum 2 days hire: Austria, Germany

Mercedes Benz VITO Mercedes Benz E class Mercedes Benz Viano
420€ / 8 hours a day 460€ / 8 hours a day 500€ / 8 hours a day

450€ / 10 hours a day

490€ / 10 hours a day 540€ / 10 hours a day

510€ / 12 hours a day

560€ / 12 hours a day 610€ / 12 hours a day





Pricing level 3

within listed countries, minimum 2 days hire: Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Mercedes Benz VITO Mercedes Benz E class Mercedes Benz Viano
520€ / 8 hours a day 570€ / 8 hours a day 620€ / 8 hours a day

550€ / 10 hours a day

600€ / 10 hours a day 650€ / 10 hours a day

610€ / 12 hours a day

670€ / 12 hours a day 730€ / 12 hours a day





Car hire, driver’s wage, driver’s travel allowance, diesel, accommodation of the driver, car park fee at the driver’s hotel, half board for the driver, insurance of the vehicle, passengers and baggage in case of accident and theft, change of vehicle in case of vehicle break down or accident (the replacement will be provided from Prague, thus the replacement times vary according to the current travelers location).

What is not included:
Accommodation of the travelers, parking fees at the monuments, shopping centers and other sightseeing locations, guide services, entry fees, food and beverages, tips for the driver